We encourage our district to seek technological ways to communicate our report cards to our parents! It would save so much paper if we did not get a twelve page report card every nine weeks. We have looked into what other school districts do in reporting grades electronically and here is what we discovered:

Several local districts are using a paperless way of communicating report cards to parents. Plano ISD is one of the local districts to do this. We believe that McKinney ISD should be the leader in technology, going green, and education in the state and country, so we are asking our district to seriously consider a paperless report card for next year!

As a campus, we would like to see our parents with computer and internet access, pledge to help us become a more paperless campus by signing an oath to check teacher websites and campus websites for information, homework, and newsletter.

In addition to "taking it bigger" locally, we are also members of Taking IT Global where we learn and share our efforts with others around the world!

Small changes by each person can add up to making a big difference in our world. This is the world we want. This is the world we deserve!

Updated 11/6/2009 2:17 AM