As citizens and future stewards of our planet, today's students are in a unique position to become active agents of environmental change. The good news is that many of them are very interested in learning about and taking responsibility for their environment and their future. Everyone can contribute to improving our environment and students are often eager to help. The Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge offers students the opportunity to use science, math, and reading/language arts concepts and skills to create sustainable, reproducible environmental improvements. For example, students utilize their comprehension skills by reading and summarizing non-fiction texts. Then they use their writing skills to write an action plan to solve a local environmental issue based on what they have learned. With the help of the Eco-heroes, students as a class can become Agents of Change.We are eager to become agents of change in our school. We believe that with all the technology that is available to us, we should not need as much paper as we use on campus. We are determined to help our campus find effective and economical way to use more paperless methods of teaching and showing our thinking. Stay tuned to see the effects of all the great we will do! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more Poetry Blender

It came to our attention that the paper usage at Slaughter Elementary was reaching critical levels given the availability of technology. Our mission for the Seimen's Agents of Change Project was to find a way help us, as a campus, cut our paper footprint. We know that our teachers encourage us to recycle all paper products, and they do have "oops" boxes for one-sided copy mistakes to reuse in printers, but we figured that if we can help our campus reduce the demand for paper products to begin with, the recycling and reusing can then decrease also.
This wiki is dedicated to shining light on the truth of our usage, dispelling misconceptions, and informing ourselves about ways we can actively change our thinking about using and recycling paper.

Here you will find the data we collected prior to our project, information about deforestation and the relationship between trees and paper production, a quiz to determine your paper knowledge, and ways to cut your footprint. We also have the data we collected after we shared the information with our teachers.

It is our hope that this wiki will not only demonstrate our efforts to raise our own awareness, but to raise awareness for all who visit!

The Brockstars